These are some useful and entertaining websites of people that I know and I wish to know.

Fun and Entertaining Sites

Cartoon Network :This is for all you cartoon carnivores. "Yumm Yumm"

Internet Movie Data Base :I find that this is one of the best databases on the net. This contains most (if not all) information on movies and actors from the past and in the future. If you wonder about any movie or actor, this is the place for you!

The Light Project :This is soooo kewl! This simplistic interactive sight is very addicting! It is a live net cam pointed at a 49 bulb grid inside of the Softopia Project Building in Japan. You just click on the light bulbs to turn them on or off to make pretty pictures for who are walking by can see.

The Resfest :The Resfest is a film/technology festival that shows new and experimental films with different forms of technology.

The Surf Guru :I find that the Surf Guru is one of the coolest people on ZDTV. His show is very clever and informative. I really enjoy his wacky antics!

Fan sites

The Official Bjork Website :This is the official Bjork Webpage. It is one of the best all around sites. This page has everything from interviews, video clips, late breaking news, and links. "Enjoy!"

The Official Tori Web Site:This is one of the coolest Tori sites. It has everything from pictures to chat rooms to Real Audio clips. This site has everything to please all of your senses.

Shock Me Sane:This is a link to another awsome Tori contains tons of real audio clips and other goodies. It's a must see!!!

Educational Sites

The Astronomy Picture of the Day :This is apart of the NASA website. It has really interesting pictures and etc. taken by astronomers about the world. It's a fun way to learn about our night sky.

RAINN:This is the RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) website. This was founded by Tori to help women who have been abused.

Slash Dot:News for nerds. Stuff that matters!

Other Personal Sites of the Peeps that I know that are Kewl

The Cellar :This is Sara's extensive Sailor Moon/Anime webpage. It's great for all you anime card collectors out there.

Emlyn's Personal Page :This is my honey bunny's page. You can see his fascinating rotating java applet, the projects he is working on, other webpages that he has done (most recent is the Mirage Productions Webpage), pictures of our trip to Savannah, Georgia and etc.

Maddi's House of Scared :This is my sister's webpage. It's a fun webpage with neat animations and cool links. :)

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