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Come and listen to my show everyday from 12pm-2pm & 8pm-10pm (EST).

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The Official Björk Webpage: It is one of the best all around sites. This page has everything from interviews, video clips, late breaking news, shopping, and links. "Enjoy!"

Speak Icelandic!: Learn how to say stuff in Icelandic.
(Example: Ég er með sprunginn botnlanga. = I have a burst appendix.)
Fun huh!

Original Artwork of Bjork: See original artwork of Björk done by artists all over the world.

Björk Slide Show! : See an awsome java slide show of hundreds of pictures of Björk!

Teepee : You can order tons of Bjork stuff and have it sent to your house!

Góða nótt!

(good night)

"I have to go off now. Off to my gorgeous private life to cuddles and that bye bye to nobs and the buttons bye bye"

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